Principal's Desk


Present day education develops the intellect and skills but does little to develop good qualities. Education should serve not only to develop one’s intelligence and skills, but also to help broaden ones outlook and make him useful to the society and the world at large. At Jayapriya Vidyalaya Matriculation Higher Secondary School, we focus on the overall development of the children. Affluent intellectual augment and personality development is the two fold aim of the quality education we offer. The promotion of human values is an integral part of our curriculum. Our school has created environment to groom children to excel in their endeavours as self- disciplined, interdependent and socially responsible adults and walk tall in life. Our Jayapriya Vidyalaya Matriculation School has evolved into a paramount of world class education in providing affordable, quality, value based education not through ages but in a very concise period of time, the school has earned recognition and accolades from parents, students and its community since 2015. Our journey is laced beautifully with triumphs. I also dedicate this honour to our students who display their hard work in the pursuit of excellence by achieving honours in not only academics but also in allied arenas of Arts, Creativity and Sports..

I take this opportunity to acknowledge the extreme sincerity and dedication of our staff by working round the clock to keep our school at the zenith of success. I am indeed happy to be a part of this best and great institution. Thank you.